Cycling - Top Five Cycling Routes in UK

With a 14,000-mile long National Cycle Network (NCN) spanning across the British Isles, finding the five best cycling routes won't be easy owing to the sheer number of great choices. However, after extensive deliberation, we have successfully narrowed down the list and come up with a definitive Top 5 list that will hopefully assist you plan for your next summer cycling getaway.

Central Pennines, South Yorkshire to Lancashire

This is Britain's most stamina-draining route - almost comparable to one of the easy Tour De France stages. However, before you reach the 11-mile hilly terrain of the Strines, you will have to first navigate through the solemn moors and hills of Langsett.

Llanberis Pass, Snowdonia

Follow the trail around the foot of Mount Snowdon, Wales' tallest mountain, and revel in the beauty of Tremadog Bay, the wildness of Portmerion and the scenic highlands of the storied Cader Idris, the very seat of the mythical giant, Idris.

Barregarrow to Snaefell, Isle of Man

Ascent the island's highest peak, Snaefell, by a circuitous route through the rustic port towns of Port Erin, Port St Mary and Castletown, and the pretenders to Snaefell's crown, Hailwood Rise and Injebreck Hill, and be mesmerised by the beauty of the land.

Brecon Beacons, Wales

The trail runs from the Black Mountains in the east to the Black Mountain (different mountains) in the west through the rolling green meadows of Abergavenny, the waterfalls of Usk Valley, the Rhigos and Bwlch valleys carved before man walked the earth, and the remnants of an ancient Roman road.

Brodick, Firth of Clyde

This circular 21-mile route starts and ends at Brodick in the Isle of Arran, but not before the trail wanders through the hilly and craggy Glencoy routes and the rough trails of Clauchlands. Brace yourself for encounters with seemingly friendly dolphins and sharks along the coastline, as well as golden eagles soaring majestically over the blue skies (or black clouds, depending on your luck). There are also several prehistoric stone monuments to look at before you wander to the two nearby breweries.