Cycling - Cycling Apparel, Shoes and Accessories

The beauty of the bicycle is, you can literally start cycling barefoot in your birthday suit. After all, in June 2017, thousands of cyclists did exactly that during the World Naked Bike Ride in central London. However, for your safety and riding comfort, as well as obeying the law, it might be worth your while to spend some time getting the right type of apparel, footwear and accessories for you and your bike.

After selecting the type of bicycle, think about how much you want to spend. The prices vary greatly, so never start bicycle shopping until you've settled on a budget. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying the first great and expensive bike you laid eyes on.

Remember to test out the bicycle at the shop. Pay attention to the seat's comfort level; buy a different seat if needed. Inspect the brakes and position of the lights. Consider a basket as well- whether you need one.