CTC Bath

CTC Bath organises day-long Sunday rides for its members. Rides vary in length, but generally there is at least one long (faster paced) and one short (easy paced) ride each month, to cater for riders of varying ability.

In addition to our Sunday rides, we also organise occasional Cycling / Youth Hostel weekends, and participate in local and national CTC events.

For further information contact Alan Grainger on 01225 460155 or email ku.gr1464251786o.tse1464251786wctc@1464251786htaB1464251786

Rides start promptly, so please arrive in good time, preferably about 10 minutes before the start. New riders are always welcome. We usually have lunch in a pub or café, with morning coffee and afternoon tea wherever possible. Rides start from The Alkmaar Garden, Orange Grove, Bath unless otherwise stated.

Below are links to our current programme of rides plus previous ride programmes:

Bath rides May-August 2016

Bath Rides Nov-April 2016

Bath rides May – Oct 2015

Bath rides Nov 2014 – April 2015

Bath rides May – Oct 2014

Bath rides Feb -April 2014

Bath rides Nov 2013 – Jan 2014

Bath rides May -Oct 2013

Bath rides Feb – April 2013

Bath rides Nov 2012 – Feb 2013

Bath rides 2012

Bath rides 2011

Bath rides 2010

Bath rides 2009

Bath rides 2008

Bath rides 2007

Bath rides 2006

Bath rides 2005

Bath rides 2004

Bath rides 2003

Bath rides 2002

Bath rides 2001

Bath rides 2000

Bath rides 1999

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