Stroud Valleys Cycling Club

Founded in 1943

During the 17th century, Stroud was a major industrial centre in the Cotswolds where fleeces were converted to cloth in over 150 mills powered by the fast-flowing River Frome. Today, only a few of these mills are still running but these produce fine-quality woollen cloth for snooker tables and tennis balls. The lawn mower was invented in Stroud and was inspired by the cylinder cutters used in cloth processing. In Stroud Museum you can see the unique Dursley-Pedersen bicycle which was built nearby. It sports a wheel builder's worst nightmare because it's hub gear has an egg shaped flange. The saddle is a hammock kept tight with springs. They also have a tandem tricycle where the stoker sits in front of the pilot.

New riders whether CTC members or guests, are always welcome. If you haven't been out with us before then give us a try. Saturday and Tuesday afternoon rides, being shorter, are generally more relaxed. Rides will commence no later than 5 minutes after advertised time. If you have any queries please contact the runs leader beforehand and have a quick look at the Information page.