CTC West, the Cyclists Touring Club for the West, has ceased to exist following an Extraordinary General Meeting which was held on 8th March 2015.

The minutes of the meeting are shown below:

Minutes of the Extraordinary General Meeting
Sunday 8th March 2015
Horton Village Hall, Horton, Gloucestershire

The meeting opened at 11.00am with 40 members present. Hugh Marshall, President of CTC West and Chairman of the meeting, outlined the history of the District Association to date, a total of 108 years.

The Motion to dissolve Bristol District Association, now known as CTC West, was read. This was proposed by Nick Horne, seconded by David Woodward, and the members present were invited to put forward any questions.

Letters were read from two CTC Bath members objecting to the Motion. There were queries about:

  1. Funds: £500 had been sent to each of the six Sections (member groups) with the balance of the funds to go to the CTC’s Cyclists Defence Fund

  2. Trophies: These will be kept

  3. Website: The Webmaster, Tony Hadfield, outlined three methods for future use and suggested that he agrees with the six group Secretaries which method is preferred, and how it will be funded.

The Motion was then put to the vote, the result being:

33 members –  For

5 members –  Against

2 members –  Abstentions

All of the committee members of CTC West present signed the official form. A vote of thanks was proposed and unanimously approved for all the work of Hugh Marshall (President) and of the Committee. The meeting closed at 12.00 noon.

The minutes were taken by Mrs. Joan Griffiths in the absence of the Minutes Secretary.


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CTC is an independent national cycling charity which aims to inspire and help people to cycle and keep cycling. CTC encourages all types of cycling, on the road or off it, and can support you if you already ride, or would like to ride, to work or school, for health, touring, sport and leisure – or just because it’s fun.

CTC has been working for cycling for over a century. Nationally and locally, the organisation uses its knowledge to influence decision makers and help people discover how cycling can change lives. CTC relies on 70,000 members, volunteers, grant funders and partners for support. Without them, it would not be able to do vital work in communities inspiring hundreds of thousands of people across the UK to cycle.

On joining the CTC, one automatically becomes a member of the CTC Group closest to where one lives. Each local Group is an association of members who have come together to encourage cycling in all its aspects and to foster social spirit amongst its members. CTC West currently has around 3,900  members living within its boundary.

CTC West had six Sub Groups: Bath, Bristol, Cheltenham, Frome, Stroud Valleys, and Swindon. To find out about any of these please visit their web sites by selecting the Group links above. Alternatively, to find out about CTC, select this link.

Geographically, CTC West included Bristol, Bath, Gloucestershire and most of Somerset and Wiltshire. It is an area of outstanding natural beauty which includes the Cotswolds, Mendips and Quantock Hills, part of Exmoor, the Severn Vale, the Forest of Dean and the Wiltshire Downs, all of which are ideal for cycling.

The CTC Sub Groups in this area enable members to enjoy regular club rides which, together with the CTC national programmes, provide a comprehensive series of events throughout the year catering for the interests and abilities of most cyclists. Many of these events qualify for the CTC Tourist Competition, details of which can be found on the CTC web site.


CTC West used to run a number of events throughout the year. Some of these have been taken over by individual Sub Groups. For details click here.

The Tourist

The last issue of The Tourist magazine, which was produced by CTC West, dated April 2014 , is available online.











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